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Ferracini Stefano

Création d’intérieurs - Dessin et technologie en architecture

stefano ferracini graduated from the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto (FAUP), Portugal in 2002. Master in “Metodologias de intervenção no patrimonio historico” (FAUP, 2003). He studied at the IUAV di Venezia and at Strathclyde University di Glasgow. His work has been published in Venice and Porto in subsequent exposures. After a long collaboration with the Portuguese João Álvaro Rocha and Pedro Ramalho returned to Italy. He has participated in several international competitions, winning the Iberian Pladur Competition (2001), a finalist for the New Museum of Industry MUSIL in Brescia (2004), third prize for Zooprophylactic Institute of Brescia (2005), second prize for the Museum Modam in Milan (2006).He has written articles and worked for various publishers such as Auge, Caleidoscopio, Idea Books, Skira, Arquitectura Iberica. She has edited several television programs on contemporary Portugal in particular Nonsolomoda, Oltremoda, Fashion. He participate in the teaching, organizing conferences, lectures as Professor Inviting. From January 2008 to January 2011 has been a partner abda architetti botticini de appolonia e associati di Brescia IT, devoting himself mainly to architectural design. In August 2012 he moved to Belgium as a freelance architect. Now lives in Brussels.


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